Week 39/ 2017

Emergency! This is an update on my blog, it has been too long!

First, let me say in my 23 years of living, this is the CRAZIEST Nba off-season of all time! We haven’t seen top-tier superstars transfer teams like this….ever! Now..I’m an OKC diehard here. This trade that happened yesterday is a cause for concern. The younger me would of thought, “Westbrook, PG-13, & Melo? NBA Finals here we come!!” Not so fast. Here’s the reality:

  • These 3 are on the top ten percentile for isolation usage rate in the NBA to my knowledge
  • All 3 are in the last year of their NBA contracts (Westbrook hasn’t signed an extension)
  • Who will swallow their pride and be the THIRD option on offense?
  • Can Westbrook make the offense work with these two?
  • The last time a team sacrified future assets for Carmelo Anthony, it didn’t end so we’ll…

This team has now put all of the chips on the table. I wouldn’t say championship or bust. However, they want to make it to the Western Conference Finals this year, no question.

P.S. At this age, I feel like I’m more Taylor Swift then Miley Cyrus.

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