Week 28/ 2017

Really? 22 weeks since I did a posting like this. What has happened in those 22 weeks? What should I even mention?

  • This past Friday, WWE was at MSG. Spent 80 on me and a coworker who was a fan. 
  • Yesterday, I had a skills session/ safety boater training for Kayaking (ever tried getting in the water without knowing how to swim? Exactly! This is my 3rd season long so it is that time for me to be an all-star!
  • Met Allen Iverson on March 9th. The interaction didn’t feel natural at all. The person I saw as a kid didn’t necessarily measure up to what I expected. 
  • Went to a baby shower for the first time in Queens. Now I know (by association) people who are married, having children and leaving home, striking it on their own. People with their Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree. 
  • Best Volunteering Opportunity so far? The Great Inflatable Race! All the way in Marine Park, Brooklyn! The part of Brooklyn that makes Brooklyn looks like Central Florida!
  • My own personal WWE universe mode is on its second season. The second PPV, Win or Syn, is scheduled for July 11th!
  • Surprisingly, took an Uber and a Lyft for the first time ever: Lyft>Uber. Price and Customer service.
  • On a serious note, went to therapy for the second time to adressunderlying issues that I was facing in my life. Best to adress these before I hit my thirties. First time, it was merely a class and the instructor said there’s nothing wrong with you when it comes to anxiety. Second time around, it was a 6 person session for 6 weeks. My therapist didn’t say the same. She said in the wrap up session that my sensitivity can be a hindrance at times. “You have a slight tendency to take individual’s personal moods as you own.” Overanalysing. 
  • My career feels stagnant. Where am I going actually? Instead of just moving in a specific direction, I’m just looking at the road map…over and over again. Waiting for the pros and cons to pop up at me.

    And there you have it. Highlights that have happened within the past 5 months. Glad to be back.

    P.S. Late review for Jay-Z’s 4:44 album. I considered this album to be in his top five. To me, his top five:

    1. Vol. 2, Life and Times of Sean Carter
    2. The Blueprint
    3. The Black Album
    4. Resonable Doubt
    5. 4:44

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