Week 6/ 2017 – Special Post: Rest in Power

I’ve been working on a special projects the past month – that involves the WWE universe! Well 2k universe anyway. Today is the Superbowl! Normally I would be excited (especially for the commercials, what will Doritos and Mountain Dew do this year!) but something came up that I damn near forgot about…like countless others unfortunately.

About 5 years ago, a man murdered a teen for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The location? I used to go to all the time around tax refund season to go shopping in the malls. About a 90 minute drive from where I lived. Buying things that didn’t really matter, never did. The reason for the murder? 

Fear…supposedly. Never knew hoodies and skittles could be so threatening. Everyone with eyes knew what the underlying intent was. The intent that every minority is born with the minute they enter this world. 

There was a Barnes and Noble event that took place this past Tuesday in Union Square. Your parents were promoting a book about you – Rest in Power. They actually talked about more about what happened that dreadful day. Then I understood why my parents act similar to yours. It’s a mutual understanding. The only time I’m really concerned about my safety is when I walk around a neighborhood where people look the way I do. I’m not concerned whatsoever in a neighborhood that’s outside my race. 

The day after the Barnes and Noble event, I watched Menace 2 Society. I remember Kaine’s Grandfather telling Kaine:

In this world, America is the hunter, and black men are the prey.

Every black man felt the pain of another lost brother. I never knew you personally, but if you were alive, I would say: Happy 22nd Birthday. #RestinPowerTrayvonMartin

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