Week 1/ 2017

1st week into the new year is now over! Got a case of the winter blues…5-6 inches as I look outside on the fire escape. Just like last year. Trying to decide what should I do next educational wise. 

In 2015, a decision was made that I stuck to last year. I decided to make a list of various accomplishments that happened to me from beginning to end. Some of the things were major, some were minor, most were in that gray area. In 2015, there was about 153 different things. For 2016, I counted 212 different things. So, what does that tell you? Stupid Idiot!

There’s a sense I’m progressing in a direction..then a feeling comes in that I’m stalling for more time. How much more time do you need! Everyone around you is passing you by!! No more!! My conscious yells at me internally. The weather outside has nothing on the thoughts in my head.

I compared my past 6 years to an athlete in the NBA:

  • 2011: Draft Day (Graduated high school, 7th Overall Pick – at least that’s what I thought)
  • 2012: Overall Miserable year (Near Academic Probation, Didn’t want guidance, NBA D League, lost in the wilderness)
  • 2013: Rookie year (Started Job when I left college, more minutes  more chances to prove myself)
  • 2014: Sophmore Slump (Locker Room disruption, became disgruntled with team, coaching staff)
  • 2015: Breakout Year (Did more activities outside my comfort zone to develop my overall game)
  • 2016: Adequate Year (A year were I did the most damage on the court and yet it still didn’t feel good enough 

Last year’s theme was Shawn Michaels and Resilience. Pretty sure I have it down. This year it boils down to these two themes: Momentum and Potential. The person in the main picture for this post? Shinsuke Nakamura.

He is no rookie by any means but still gets looked at as one. As a WWE fan, all I heard about the man was straight hype. A lot of signings that happens in Sports nowadays is based off hype. Potential. What can he possibly do instead of what he has already has shown us. Since coming to us in April, this man has answered the call and then some. He has put on quality match after match, all the way to the NXT Title. And here is where it gets complicated. NXT is a developmental brand – similar to what the D-League is to the NBA. Just like my scenario, he has shown he has the potential to be great, but can he carry that momentum moving forward?

In Nakamura head, I know he’s not satisfied with that NXT title. He wants to be called up to the Big Leagues. Raw. Smackdown. He wanted that probably years ago. The harsh reality is that what made you special in the minors means damn near nothing when you hit the main roster. Nobody wants to be mediocre now…  

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