Road to Wrestlemania: The Rock

Finally….The Rock…has come back to….
Deez Nutz, Gottem..

No Really, The Rock was the main reason why I paid any interest to the WWE when I was a child. In the eyes of every….AND THE ROCK MEANS..every black child in the ghetto where I was from, Rock was the superhero. Not Superman, Batman, Spiderman…No. Dwyane 3:16 said if challenged, you must layeth the smacketh down upon your candy a**! The Ultimate Showman. 

#2 – The Rock 


  • Rocky Maivia 
  • Jabroni Beating, Pie Eating, Trailblazing, Eye Brow Raising….
  • The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment 
  • The People’s Champion
  • The Great One

Finisher: Rock Bottom

Most Favorite Matches: 

  1. Vs. Cena (Wrestlemania 28)
  2. Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Wrestlemania 17)
  3. Vs. Hogan (Wrestlemania 18)
  4. Vs. Undertaker & Angle (Vengeance ’02)
  5. Vs. Punk (Royal Rumble ’13)
  6. Vs. Lesnar (Summerslam ’02)
  7. Vs. Goldberg (Backlash ’03)

Dream Match

  1. Vs. Macho Man Randy Savage 
  2. Vs. Warrior 
  3. Vs. Dusty Rhodes 
  4. Vs. Nakamura 
  5. Vs. Styles
  6. Vs. Rollins
  7. Vs. Cesaro

Most Favorite Moment: Singing Segment W/ SCSA


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