Week 41/ 2016

Normally, I do not post this late. However, let me try to keep something consistent with this blog. I’ve decided instead of the Throwback Tuesdays to post 1 song a month. Have been on a WWE network binge just like last week. Watching all I can before the NBA season is fully underway. As an OKC fan…patiently waiting for the Bay Area to get beaten. That’s the world for you. You can be loved one year and hated the very next. I could say the same for Trump. Ironically, as of this posting, there’s a 2009 episode of Raw he’s scheduled to take over. 

When it comes to politics, I do not have the energy nor the patience for this year’s elections. Listening to either of them speak is the battle of the egos. In wrestling it’s fine. Outside of it, it’s too much. It really is. I decided to go to an improv group today…yes on a Sunday. So much I still need to learn. Trying to decide on a new TV or a sleeper sofa for this room. Might get my mom a gift instead.

P.S. Thank you Vimbly for the VR experience. How’s that for promotion?!!


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