Week 39/ 2016

This is how I know I’m getting older: 

  • Body (more of my knees than anything) aches more than usual
  • Have to schedule time for leisure
  • Now I have space of my own for the first time in 6 years. This time, 100% of redesigning purposes are coming out of my pocket. The only thing I didn’t pay for are the drapes.
  • I’m more interested in artwork/books/different events around the city over the latest video games. This is the second year in a row where 2k hasn’t been on my radar.
  • Please leave these Command strips alone!

I just spent 141.50 on two picture frames I got from Downtown BK. I used to Command Strips on the biggest one and the frame fell within 2 hours. Now it’s more money to refram this photo. Plus an extra 135 for tuition for an upcoming class. To think I actually saved money…these are the growing pains I’m hearing about.


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