Week 38/ 2016

I don’t mind taking criticism by any means – as long as it is constructive. If it comes in the realms of mindless teasing or ribbing, I shut you out completely. People may view it as immaturity, sensitivity or a mark on my own masculinity. Who cares.

Sometimes, you can be in a situation where you do everything right and still get dirt thrown on your name. Just because. Nontheless, you have a job to do at the end of the day. Doesn’t include pleasing others who deemed themselves irrational. Today, I feel like Roman Reigns.

Viewpoints can change quicker in the WWE universe faster than I change socks at times. About two years ago, this man was the next big thing. Eliminating a record 12 superstars from the rumble, everyone seemed to love Roman Reigns. Then it was roughly around Summerslam of that year, the fans seemed to turn against him when he seemed to be the successor to John Cena. 

Now, can I say the hatred he receives on a nightly basis valid? Only for his gimmick, nothing else. Plenty of fans have cheered for superstars with even worse move-sets, attire, looks and mic skills. People should give credit when its due, not critique someone when they are getting better day by day. Shame on you. Shame on me. Shame on everyone! 

Clash of Champions is on tonight (still haven’t recovered after NXT Brooklyn & Summerslam Live, Kevin Owens & AJ Styles title win, CWC special) But as a wrestling fan, I will give appreciation not only to Roman Reigns but to the WWE for remaining creative in a PG laced era. Ignore the naysayers, my good friends. Until next time.


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