Week 36/ 2016

9/11 happened fifteen years ago. Let’s that sink in for a minute. I remember being in the 3rd grade when it happened. Being a typical kid, I was happy to get out of school so early – unaware of the situation happening in the city. Wondered where the smoke was coming from. My father picked me up from school and we went to my grandmother’s house. The only station working at the time was channel 2. Or was it 4?

Was concerned for my mother’s whereabouts. Thankfully, my mother wasn’t anywhere near the twin towers . Unfortunately, it’s not a reason to celebrate. Thousands of lives were lost today. Millions of lives affected worldwide. Let us not forget. This is something my sister knows to an extent. She wasn’t alive when this happened – but I’m glad she is now.

Yesterday, she went to Coney Island for the first time! The last time my family went to Coney Island, I was not even in middle school yet! We went on this ride where we was spinning in all directions. I ended up screaming more than she did. Also, due to wiplash, I lost my glasses on the second rides. Without my glasses, I couldn’t  see anything clearly except for my sister’s smile. For that, I’m grateful.


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