Week 35/ 2016

Better late than never. Went somewhere earlier in the morning today but I will just save it for next week’s posting. Around 11:45 and 1:15 today, I went towards Best Buy to check out this Playstation VR I heard very little about. Put on the headset and played two games: something with a shark under water and something with a fighter Star Wars-esque spaceship. It supposed to go on sale October 16th. On sale? 

300-500 for this? Don’t know about that. I will always try to pay top dollar for electronics but they’re asking for too much. This is a device I’d rather see at Universal Studios than any household. However, I could be jumping the gun here. Let’s see how this device works with a first person shooter – this will be the deal breaker.

This is a shorter than usual post today due to exhaustion on my part. Until next time, enjoy Labor Day!


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