Week 34/ 2016

It has been 25 years since this movie made its debut in theaters. Boys in the hood. I can relate. My friends can too.

As we go from kids to adults, we are growing in different ways. Not as cool as I thought we were. The company we keep are vastly different. Different? If someone isn’t helping me grow into a better person, we are now at crossroads. There’s no reason I should be the only one fighting to keep any type of relationship alive only for the bare minimum when it comes to contact. The company they keep hasn’t grown past high school. 

I was more like Tre growing up. Always kept out of any type of trouble I wouldn’t want my family to know about. My overall manhood has been called into question when I try to keep things on the straight and narrow. Quickly realize sometimes keeping it real means keeping it real stupid. To a point, you must realize as you get older, you have more on the line to lose. I wouldn’t want my sister to do what everyone else is doing on the block so I have to lead by example.

There was a friend I grew up on this same block. In the concrete yard of this very apartment building, we played soccer and basketball together. We got into arguments on every call. Then we did the same thing every summer of my childhood. Now that I look back on the situation, he was mentally unstable. Always got into fights. Gangs. Reminded me of DMX for some reason. A little over a year and a half ago, he passed away from getting shot in his home of Grenada. He became Ricky. Our Ricky. Shot down for who knows what.

My other childhood friend, who reminds me of Doughboy, is set to follow on the same path. He actually comes across to me as very intelligent. But to fit in, he carries himself as a puesdo-gangster. The typical – young, black and don’t give a f**k. The various tattoos, drug use, party and bulls**t..so much potential squandered. Now, I don’t mind being my brother’s keeper when necessary. Not to the extent where something bad happens and I’m guilty by association. Like the saying goes: you can bring a horse to the river but you can’t make him drink. 

Within the next 4 days or so, I leave this neighborhood I’ve called my own 6 years now for a new one. By the looks of the new neighborhood, it’s a safer bet. I have been wanting a change of scenery for quite some time. 


4 thoughts on “Week 34/ 2016

      1. Most def thecouchsports.com talks about a lot of stuff from a black point of view. And within that we are not your typical brothas. I like your stuff too. I’m from San Francisco Ca but my dad is from Corona Queens. Got family in coney island also. BTW knocks will be the 5th seed this year if they can stay healthy

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  1. Oh ok. I’m a Brooklyn Native but I’m not a Knicks/Nets fan by any means. OKC has been my team since they took the Lakers to 6 in 2010. Please don’t remind me what happened over the course of the summer. Westbrook will have to be that guy!


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