Person of the Month: Kevin Owens (Update 1.1)

Written August 19, 2016 -2:12pm

Summerslam Weekend is finally here! Yes!

Kicking it off, today we have a WWE Meet and Greet: Where the public gets to meet in person WWE superstars. Here’s the list:

  • AJ Styles
  • Kevin Owens
  • Enzo Amore & Big Cass
  • New Day
  • Randy Orton
  • Sasha Banks (😍 there’s always next year!)  
  • Charlotte
  • All three members of the Shield

    I get to meet Kevin Owens today! To this day, I never watched his debut in WWE at NXT Arrival. All I remember was when he attacked Sami Zayn. Fast forward two years later, these two put on the match of the year at Battleground. He has quickly become one of my favorites to watch.

    Heading into the Barclays Center, the 40/40 club was loaded with WWE merchandise and memorabilia. Ambrose. Foley. New Day, Reigns. Rhodes. It goes on and on. 

    Owens makes his scheduled appereance at the Barclays and I’m trying to keep my emotions under control. On the outside, I am 22 years of age. On the inside, I’m that 6 year old on the playground. There was an example as a wrestler, he wasn’t trying to break kayfabe (his character). Knowing he has to face Enzo & Big Cass this Sunday, as soon as they appeared on a TV, “Can someone please turn off that nonsense? It not good for my fans.” Well played. He even trolled me at one point! In the beginning, he signed my name on a 8 x 10 of his as Daniel. Then Maniel. Then Manny. Then my real name. I didn’t mind – how many fans of WWE can say they get to meet a WWE superstar in person? 

    Towards the end, as fans get to take the photo. I thought at the last moment to take a photo with him with the Kliq hand sign. Why? First time I saw who he was, it was this photo:

    Fast forward two years later:

    Hopefully I can see my face soon in the WWE! As of right now, let us march to NXT Takeover Brooklyn II!

    P.S. Fan dressed up as Nakamura, #Nailedit



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