Week 32/ 2016

Needed to go outside today. My head is still spinning from yesterday’s loc appointment. Might be a combination of being there longer than 4 hours, having the pipe cleaner style or this 10 to 14 92+ heatwave in NYC. 

My family is getting set to move to a different part of Brooklyn (15 min away) and I’m ready for the change. I do not want to be on the block I’ve called home for the past six years any longer. Not going to get into the details. Let just say there’s no love lost here and I’m ready for a change of scenery. 

Decided to get a shape up today to add appeal to this hairstyle. It seems like in recent times people are not respecting the time I set aside for them. Maybe I’m just imagining things and being paranoid. 😐. Nothing beats going to a barbershop and hearing words of wisdom from someone that looks like you. Lord knows there’s not many safe spots for black male brotherhood. His statement went like this:


Came across as a little brash but the truth can be. Just yesterday I was watching the Stone Cold podcast w/ Dean Ambrose. He had a statement on leadership where instead of getting everyone together with your voice alas like John Cena, he leads by example with his actions, his behavior. Hopefully, everyone else can follow suit. It is not my job to save anyone from themselves and neither is yours. 

After the scheduled meeting this past Friday, I began to look at my plan B and C just to be safe. This week marks the road to Summerslam! First stop? Meet and Greet. The Prizefighter. Kevin Owens. Barclays Center. See you there.


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