Week 31/ 2016

Things can’t stay the same forever. In my previous place of employment and this new location, there has been a change of management and employees. I find comfort to these events better if I can relate it to the NBA. We lost a bunch of players this off season so we had to revamp the roster. Led to an increase in my minutes (hours) to show what I can do. Managers are out the door and managers are filling the vacant spot. This scheduled meeting this Friday is the team’s press conference. There are going to be a lot of goals and expectations for the team. Let’s see what happens in the coming months. 

As of right now, I’m trying to get game ready. Physically, I’m not were I would like or need to be. Mentally, I’m in the mist of a personal streak I’m trying to maintain at least until the end of summer. Financially, looking forward to paying off this agent (tuition) and enjoying my endorsements (Summer Streets NYC, Kayaking and Summerslam Weekend). I should have most of my personal affairs in order…


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