Week 27/ 2016

Should I accept this? Wanting him to resign for 2 years might of been wishful 2k thinking. However, after the WCF last year, I expected Durant to leave OKC. Not this way. Not to a team that beat your team last year after failing to capitalize on a 3-1 deficit. This is something I will never feel comfortable with as an OKC fanatic. Here the dynamic: 

We critique how good an athlete really is if he can’t win the big one, yet when that said athlete does everything in their rightful power to win, we demonise them. Just like many Black men in this country, its a tightrope we continually have to walk when it comes to our values and morals.

This past week has been a sad one for my community with the two murders caught on camera. Times like this, Im glad Im no longer a part of Facebook. Or Instagram. Or even Twitter. People will easily comment on a situation like this one not because they genuinely care, but to just add publicity to their individual accounts. I’ve seen it disgustinly happen with Trayvon Martin.  This is no different to what happened to Emmit Till and countless others that have lost their lives. Out of sheer respect, an hiatus will take place on this blog until the end of the month. I wish I could provide a solution to this, but there is none in sight…    


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