Person of the Month 2.0 – Baby Sis Emily

Hope this post is more special the second time I write this. WordPress lost my scheduled post (I know I didn’t under any circumstance.)

Here I am on the train finishing up the night shift at my job. By the time I walk in the apartment, it will be the day of your graduation. The only reason I feel old at such a young age is because I’m watching you grow right in front of my eyes. It seems like yesterday you were my baby sister. I remember seeing you in the ultrasound for the first time and knowing you were a girl. At a few months old, I remember holding you for the first time. I’m glad you didn’t have teeth at the time because you were trying to bite my neck. Yuck! 😂

I regret all the times I’ve had pushed you away due to my teenage angst. As your older brother, I try to make up for lost ground as much as I possibly can. Last year, you showcased your talent at a kids’ fashion show in Manhattan. Seeing you walk up and down the runway in those heels you had on…all I could think about was how you fell when you were an infant. Crying furiously hours upon end due to my neglectful watching.

11 years later, here we are. Today is your day, congratulations! You will always be the Janet to my Michael. Love you always! 💓🎓😆

Your big brother,


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