Special Post: Summer in Brooklyn

Summer is officially here! Nothing beats the summer in NYC. The weather makes me feel like a kid again. Going to certain neighborhoods, I reminisce on the things that I used to do as a child. Riding my first bike, my first kiss when I was six…or was it five? My first basketball, sleepovers….you name it, I’ve done it!

It’s always around this time of year I search on YouTube for the special songs that reminded me of my childhood. What did I like growing up? Let me see….hmm… Well for starters, I liked WWE songs before I even got into Hip-Hop. I could listen to the theme songs of wrestlers all day and not get tired of it. I listened to Hip-Hop on a occasional basis. This was back when we had CD players. Second grade is probably the earliest I could remember listening…Hot 97…year 2001..Nelly was all over the radio at the time. It was him, Fabulous, LL Cool J..Busta Rhymes..Biggie, Nas..Jay-Z and the mighty Ja Rule😂😂😂😎👌 How ya living! I don’t care what anybody says, Ja was that guy growing up 👍. People swear they never like Ja after 50 Cent came out. Pul-eze.

Aaliyah was definitely a mainstay on the radio towards the end of 2001 due to her passing. I didn’t know she passed away until years later. In addition, I thought she died due to 9/11. It never felt like it was truly summer without hearing Rock the Boat. Ultimate Summer Song.

We not goin anywhere, we right here!! The dog, DMX �!🐕!! If you want an example of the anger the majority of black men have in this society, this is a prime representation. There was always this level of authenticity I got from Cms more than the majority of rappers. Has to be that New York in me..he may not have a strong lyrical wordplay but he pounces on any record with a pitbull mentality. You can put a leash, a collar, a cage or a noose on us but you still are going to hear our voice. Yes, we do have to check it under extreme circumstances for our own livelihood but I do miss artists that came out so..original.

From 2001 to about 2005, these artists had made up my childhood. My fights, my falls, my tears, my achievements. My summers in Brooklyn will be the highlights of my life spent in New York. Forever.


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