Week 23 & 24/ 2016

Combined these two weeks due to my work and summer school schedule. Then again when you think about it, these numbers are synonymous with each other in the realm of basketball. 23. 24. Jordan. Kobe. Always thought there was a correlation for Kobe’s number change. I thought about it mathematically, 8*3=24, 3 represents how many more rings he wanted to win past ’06. Then I I have enjoyed these ESPN 30 for 30 specials, where you can figuratively get a behind the scenes view for a sport and the people who play it best. My favorites usually revolve around the black athletes and the culture that surrounds them, for good and bad.

There was one about the LA Raiders before they got moved to Oakland. I always wondered why NWA wore those snapbacks. There was another called Broke, various pro athletes take on their mismanagement of money. If there is anything they should teach in college, it’s personal financial management. Really. Haven’t really had a chance to look at the OJ series unfortunately….

Today is Father’s Day! I tend to stay clear of social media on Sundays in general. Especially today. In the black community, it feels like a day of resentment. I noticed that the majority of my friends and family grew up without a father for some reason. I never thought that having my father at my side for the past 22 years would be a blessing. Not at all. We still go through our trials and tribulations as I get older, but he has always wanted to see me strive and achieve more than he did. That’s the marking of any good parent. In addition to the women out there, this is not a day for you to celebrate under any circumstance. I’m pretty sure that you know at least one father out in the world that doesn’t get the credit he fully deserves.

The main image I used for this posting is a representation of my relationship with my father. They were other TV father/son relationships that I thought about.
Cliff Huxtable and his son, Julius and Chris, James and JJ, Raymond and his father…Even Carl Winslow and Steve Urkel (on a technicality) Then I thought about Bernie Mac and Jordan. Perfect.

Our relationship resembled these two more than anything. I probably was more of a crybaby than Jordan ever was. My father had a hand trying to get me to be like the other kids when it came to sports, relationships and academics like Bernie did. He was the comedic relief growing up like Bernie. He didn’t teach me lessons like Bernie did for America every single week; he did teach me how to think for myself and use better judgment. He realized I will always be different from the other kids just like Jordan was but will still love me regardless…what more can a guy ask for?


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