Week 22/ 2016

Ali Bomaye, Ali Bomaye, thank God that a brother seen another day…

As much as I would like to spend this post talking about this man, his accomplishments, what he did for mankind (especially for civil rights and black people alike), whatever I could say has been said already. Here’s my perspective on Ali:

I knew Ali on an interpretation of him through movies. The first time I could recall Ali’s demeanor, swagger was in the movie Ali, starring Will Smith. I remember seeing the movie for the commercial, but never planned to see the movie. I will watch it sometime this week to pay my respect. Same thing when I find a documentary for Prince. This movie came out in 2001, where boxing to me failed in comparison to wrestling at the time. Here’s where it ties together: Muhammad Ali was a part of the first ever Wrestlemania! With Hogan, Piper and Mr. T! I pity the fool who doesn’t know that!

In one of my Hip-Hop Appreciation Week postings, I wrote a freestyle from the Bible of Hip-Hop stating along the lines of you really should celebrate when someone is alive, don’t wait until they pass away to tell the world how you feel. I leave my expression at that..

Graduated with my associates just to get it out the way, now on to the next step. The whole ceremony I just felt something deep down inside that something was missing…I still don’t know what it was but something was missing. Kayaking season is officially underway! It was a pleasant experience being on that water after this unstable NYC weather. I even got to enjoy it with a new friend of mine! I was expecting someone else later in the afternoon, but she was a no-show. Oh well! 😋


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