Week 21/ 2016

NBA Finals start this week and I’m pissed. OKC had the game won. Won! Unbelievable! OKC had Golden State on the ropes…not even. OKC HAD THEIR FEET ON GOLDEN STATE’S NECK! ALL YOU HAD YOU DO WAS WIN ONE OUT OF THREE! ONE OUT OF THREE! OKC found a way to shoot themselves in the foot. They sabotaged themselves, I don’t believe it…I’m hoping for a Game 7 win on enemy territory but that’s not happening. Durant, what happened? I didn’t see that fight in you man..Memorial Day…Game 7…winner take all..

I’m actually a superstitious person when it comes to the NBA playoffs. Only the NBA Playoffs. Since I have dreadlocks (9 1/2 months now) I have been tying my dreadlocks in rubberbands since the Thunder beat the Spurs in Game 2 of the semi finals. In the traditional OKC colors, I walked around campus with this hairstyle disregarding whatever opinions came my way because I wanted my team to win. OKC has been 4-1 since then. I know what you are thinking: this man is a lunatic thinking tying his dreads had an effect on the games that passed! This has prevented me from calling my friend Robert up and talk trash over the phone (He’s a Magic Fan, Yikes!) Did I tye my hair up today? No. OKC lost….It’s my fault!

I’m glad I will be able to walk this year but unfortunately I’m thinking to myself Durant will walk too. Come on man.


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