Week 20/ 2016

This has been a week of goodbyes. You don’t know when it the last time you are going to see anyone in this world. I started to get flashbacks on how things used to be and how so much has changed in so little time. May sound a little cliche but you can runaway from change, you have to embrace it.

I forgot what year was this in the WWE, but this was the year when Cody broke his nose I believe in a match with Mysterio. At the time, I thought it was the most hilarious thing. It was coming from a bias also. When I was a teen, I was ridiculed for not having the things that came to Cody naturally: the looks, the charisma, the height, the athletic ability…this man had it all. When he got his in the nose and had to wear that protective mask, I felt (at the time) that should happen to all people who were born with these things that I didn’t have. Through all the chaos, something felt right. Then I became his biggest fan. That’s how wrestling works. You can hate someone and within the span of a day, month or year, the tide has shifted. They have the needed momentum. That street fight he had with Rey Mysterio (I think at Wrestlemania) was one of my most favorite street fights of all time.

For some reason or another, Cody couldn’t fully get over the hump. Team Rhodes Scholars and the Brotherhood were nice, but Cody was main event. They gave him Stardust and it was downhill from there. The last relevant match Stardust ever had was with his brother Goldust and Fastlane ’15. They should of got a spot on the Wrestlemania Card (even if it was on the preshow). But my greatest memory of Cody will be that promo he made with him, Goldust and Dusty after the Fastlane match. Knowing Dusty passed away that summer, looking back at that promo…it sends chills up my spine.

I will take an educated guess here: the reason he’s leaving is because he’s unhappy of his position with the company. I’m in a similar state with the college I’m in, which is why I’m doing everything in my power to graduate next week. Both of us are actually in a position where we can walk and move on with our lives. Hopefully, we don’t regret what we are leaving behind.


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