Hip hop Appreciation Week: Jadakiss/Nas

One of the true markings of an MC  I have explained in a previous post was lyrical supremacy. Not complicated to a point where I would have to pull out a dictionary as a reference, but to the point where you can say certain lyrics that makes you think days on end. True HipHoppas know exactly what I’m talking about.

When it comes to NY lyrical supremacy, Biggie will always be Ali. Always. Fabulous was always inconsistent with his, Jay Z…as the years have gone by, I’m starting to second guess him. As a fan, I want to hear that hunger from an artist. Most of the time I listen, I want him/her to rhyme like a beggar on these streets. That’s how you used to earn your stripes, your respect, your living. Jadakiss & Nas are the premier examples I can think of when I say this.

Jadakiss had this Mike Tyson feel when I heard him speak. On any given freestyle, whether if he’s talking about someone or not, expect him to come firing on all cylinders. There’s no give. He doesn’t hold back anything. Remember when Wu-Tang said Protect ya neck? Protect yours; he comes for it every single time.

Nas is more Mayweather. Tried and True. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Not once I ever heard Nas switch up his style (hence Oochie Wallie) He plays in defense most of the time, then when you least expect it, he says something that goes completely over your head and now he has you cornered. Trapped. Beat. He has been doing that for 24 years now.

Both of these guys are underrated when it comes to Hip-Hop. Let’s us thank Jadakiss and Nas for their contributions to Hip-Hop!

Freestyle from the Bible of Hip-Hop: It makes no sense to love an artist when he dies ~ if you haven’t shown them the same love when they were alive. (5/21/16)


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