Hip Hop Appreciation Week: Rakim

This was before my time. The state of my Hip-Hop consciousness has risen to levels I’ve never experienced as a teen. I stopped listening to the radio towards the end of 2012. I felt every rap artist coming out was biting off each other: the ultimate no no of the game. It’s a different era. At times, we embrace and appreciate creativity and originality but here’s a simple equation that stands today: 💰 over everything. Sad, but valid.

Rakim, the fiend on the microphone… First time I heard Rakim, I didn’t even realized it. Juice, The leading song for the movie headlined by Tupac Shakur had my head rocking back and forth. With Eric B on the turntables mixing the record authenticated that NY sound my parents grew up on. The second time consisted of a DJ Premier made record called Classic, celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Nike at the time. Just recently, I have been listening to Paid in Full; from top to bottom I can see why plenty of music critics recognized this album to be one of the greatest. Take notes, this is one of the originators at large. It goes to show you in Hip Hop if the quality is good, what is old can become new again to someone. Thank you Rakim for your contribution to Hip Hop! I wonder what is his master plan…

Freestyle from the Bible of Hip Hop: The mysteries in life begin to unravel ~ not only in books but through actual travel. (5/18/16)


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