Hip hop Appreciation Week: Eazy-E

Going off my previous post, Hip-Hop is also known for its Ruthless misogny. I realized it changed as an art form: From the Golden Age to the Platinum Age. The Platinum Age replacing knowledge with C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me), an artform in the 90s that was being built on the degradation of black women. Everybody wanted to be a gangster. Take it from me, the same way I healed with A Tribe called Quest is the same way Eazy-E helped me.

I felt he originated the template, the mould of most egocentric rappers that come out today: Brash, Arrogant, Dudes wanted to be like him, Girls wanted to be with him. It was done before by other rappers, but not on the same level as him nor the NWA. Inside the shell of every black man in America lies an Eazy-E. Levels ranging from mild to severe depending on your socioecomomical standing. If you are a poor kid from the ghetto, rappers were more of a superhero than the Man of Steel himself. They’re times unfortunately where I want to say F the system, F everyone around me if they don’t share my ideals and let’s get paid. It fits the stereotype of what a baad nigger is supposed to be. Straight from the Blaxploitation decade of the 70’s with Superfly and the likes.

I grew out of that phase as I started my twenties, realizing that I can say more as a black man in a suit and tie then I ever could in the latest chain/pair of Jordans/rims on a car, etc. However, by America’s standards, we are a part of the same coin nonetheless. Thank you Eazy-E for your contribution to Hip Hop.

Freestyle from the Bible of Hip Hop: It’s clever to learn from history or whatever ~ but never cease to update whatever you remember. (5/17/16)


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