Hip Hop Appeciation Week: A tribe called Quest

I remember getting into my second state of depression in 2012. It was over a girl I knew and wanted so bad to be in a relationship with but not for the right reasons. We had nothing, literally nothing in common with each other. My insecurities at the time probably ruined any chance that I did had. Meeting up with each other after 3 years by my own negligence proved my point. Lesson 1: If a woman likes you for you, she will acknowledge you in public when she is around other people she knows. This bit me in the ass the day after my 19th Bday. It’s all buddy buddy when we are by ourselves but otherwise, may as well be Invisible Man. I went from one extreme to another: Should I have said this? I did everything I could have done! Even pulling the Nice Guy card out like Elliott Rodger. Was an awful thing to do on my point looking back. What type of man blames his problems on a woman who’s not even his woman? The little self-esteem that I did have was shattered at that point…then it rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

I came across A tribe called Quest in 2012 with Mr. Cee on Hot 97. Every day at 12pm, he would have an old school hour. I came across A Tribe called Quest. I recognized Q-Tip’s voice first; knew of his music beforehand. Licks, Licks, Licks, boy in ya backside! đŸ˜‚ Didn’t know he was in a group previously. Phife Dawg..Trini Gladiator, Anti-Hesitator, Shaheem push the favors from here to Grenada! Phife & Q-Tip was the only ones I paid any attention to rhyming wise. Nonetheless, their music (and good Hip hop) affects the healing process in a positive way. I found a way to push through adolescent troubles into early adulthood with these guys. These dudes could freestyle with the quickness and not big up themselves in any way, not curse and without the use of the N-Word! You don’t see that often. I ran into a friend of mine from middle school…it was me, him and another guy and this was us! We appreciate your contribution to Hip-Hop.

-Freestlye from the Bible of Hip-Hop: And the MC said, here is the key to success ~ represent the vision of the crowd you address. (5/16/16)


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