Week 19/ 2016

Tomorrow is the start of finals week. Study wise for me, Conference Finals for the NBA. The question must be asked: Who is the best point guard in the league? The matchup a year in the making. Curry. Westbrook. Winner will go on to the NBA Finals. I wish JR Ross could call this series but you can’t have everything.

Today’s freestyle from the Bible of Hip-Hop: The skills that are given to you by your Mother ~ should glorify the Father through service towards others. I will take what I can from that. Labeled in the 9th overstandings, freestyles are daily affirmations, scriptures, verses and the like. Not only today is my fasting day but also is the start of Hip-Hop appreciation week (3rd week in May). My appreciation will consist of giving out a compliment every single day until the week is over. That is easier said than done. I can’t remember the last time I gave out a compliment without trying to be funny. I will try.


Hip-Hop Appreciation Week- Day 1: Drake

Let’s start off with the most polarizing artist in Hip Hop today, Drake. The first time I remember hearing him was back in ’09. He came out with So Far Gone, a mixtape I was “late to the party” on. From that mixtape he realized “Successful” and the rest is history. I mean that literally. He came out with so much hype behind him and he answered it in droves. I have been hearing reviews about his latest album, Views. It wasn’t until today I finally got a chance to listen and I can honestly say that it was a bit underwhelming. The lines for Hip Hop has been blurred for quite some time, but this felt more like a full transition to a R&B/Pop album with little snippets of Hip Hop sprinkled here and there. When he does rhyme, he does have a punch line, mafioso-esque flow that is reminiscent of Jay-Z in his peak years (Which he dismissed: Best rapper alive is under 35) However, this album picks up on steam and fell short towards the ending. The over use of this Migos flow I have been hearing from so many rappers (which was hijaked by Bone Thugs N Harmony – Do your research! 😲) has taken its toll on whatever listening ear I had. And with the singing…it became very depressing after a few songs. It only so many times you can sing about flawed women, flaws in relationships and bigging up yourself when it comes to everything. That’s what he’s known for I guess. What guys think about relationships, he actually says on record but in a “everything bad is your fault, I deserve better” kind of way. There has to be accountability somewhere. Anywhere.

Correct me if I am wrong: Drake is the John Cena of Hip Hop. It reaches to a point where you have been on top for so long, you are bound to get hate from somewhere. Anywhere. First they hate you, then they love you, then they hate you again. People didn’t like Johnny when he first came out. Won the US title with his Thug Life gimmick (which is a form of cultural appropriation or appreciation?) and had the WWE universe eating out his 5 Knuckle Shuffle. 10 years later, you cannot go to a legitimate sports city/state/country (NYC, Cali, Boston, Detroit, Phili, Chicago, Texas, UK, etc.) without hearing John Cena sucks. He hasn’t really done anything wrong really, neither Drake. Due to the fact that they are everywhere and Cena can be annoying with his moveset as Drake can be on the microphone, the comparison sounds good 👌. Hearing what Drake said on the track Views, he is finally embracing his heel side. But I wonder just by looking at the cover alone, did he back himself into a corner? I see that it is lonely at the top. That inevitable fall from grace will be devastating. We still appreciate the both of you guys!


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