Week 18/ 2016

This is the best and the most appropriate picture I could think of for today. I talked about death previously in a post. Afeni Shakur, mother to Tupac Shakur passed away recently. Now, I’m not the one to bring up conspiracy theories but found it strange that they just finished up filming her son’s biopic days prior to her passing. Whatever the circumstances, she will be missed. To all the mothers in the world, happy mothers day! I guarantee Dear Mama will be one someone’s playlist!

This year, I was so focused on graduating from college, I completely forgot about mothers day until yesterday. Checking my email, Nerdwallet had a list for present ideas for Mother’s Day – which I capitalized on! It was a fill in the blank booklet on things that I loved about my mother. I had my sister fill it out too. Rather give those gifts to my mom than anything else really. Hope she enjoyed it. Lord knows I can be a pain to deal with over my two decades.

I actually came to a realization today: my religion is Hip-Hop. Hip hop is not just music, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is not displayed in the videos that you see, the clothes that we wear neither in our dialect. It is just who I am. It is not a knock on other religions such as Christianity, Scientology, etc. I’ve always saw myself as a

hip hopper

. Please note there is still a God Almighty. You can say in a sense DJ Cool Here, Africa Bambatta (Disregarding his chargves), Krs-One, LL Cool J, these guys were the Messiahs of the religion. The MCs (Prophets) of the previous generation consisted of Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., 2pac and Nas mostly. The incoming generation consists of Kanye, J Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Every single one has different ideologies when it comes to getting their message across. When they speak, their message is heard louder and more clearer than anyone else.

You want to know the difference between an MC and a rapper? You ever heard someone say a lyric and you have to rewind and/or start the song over from scratch to hear it again? Not in the bad way to make sure they were speaking English. But to take that part of the song and correlate it with whatever (the good and the bad) was going on in your life. Thats the true esssence of music.That’s the true essence of hip-hop. You learn something about yourself you didn’t even know. Rap is for movement; Hip-Hop is for knowledge; a true MC knows how to use both parts to his/hers advantage. The Bible of Hip-hop is my testament for now..


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