Person of the Month – J Cole & Kanye West

I remember there was a shift in the guard somewhere around 2013. Jermaine released Born Sinner while Ye released Yeesus. Both went head to head on the same day. It seems like on this day, Kanye turned into his own worst hypocrite while Cole turned into what Kanye used to be. It seems when it boils down to it, on the shell I’m as humble and true as Cole but inside to my core, I’m just like Kanye. Weird, isn’t it? I believe there is two sides to every coin. Even as I’m righting this post, on my playlist is a cross between The life of Pablo and Forest Hills Drive.

Overall, I’m grateful to have these two artists. Fortunately, I know I’m getting up there in age and wisdom. I seriously thought Gravid Scott and Ty Dollar Sign was the same musician! The same with 2 Chainz and Future! Speaking about Future, a NY rapper known as Desiigner, completely stole his whole rap gimmick and is now on top of the Billboard charts. That proves Future isn’t as gifted as everyone claims he is. When I was growing up, stealing a rapper’s gimmick was the ultimate no-no. That would have gotten you laughed out the game real fast. There’s limited competition, everyone wants to be buddy buddy! I don’t like that America, I don’t like it at all! <<<Best Bernie Mac Voice


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