Week 15/ 2016

I’m in my early 20’s and I’m thinking about retirement. Is that a bad thing? Smart thing? Athletic wise, this year so far has been the year of retirements. Think about it: Kobe Bryant, Beast Mode, Megatron, Peyton Manning, David Ortiz, Sting, Daniel Bryan…this is just the first third of 2016!
I can’t recall the last time there was this influx of soon to be (if not already) hall of famers leave their respective sports. Life happens, what can you do besides recreating either ideal matchups/biggest moments through video game gameplay. Or even highlight reels for a website/presentation.


This past Friday I went to go see Barbershop: the final cut. Hopefully, this will be the last one.  This film wasn’t bad but the world is overdue for a final Friday installment. Before the movie started, they always show trailers for other movies coming later on in the year. Now, I am happy when I see people of my race on the big screen. However, we do not need under any circumstance another slave movie and another Madea movie! We really don’t!
For Barbershop, the funnier parts of the movie consisted of Cedric the Entertainer and Deon Cole. Other than celebrity value, I didn’t get why they put Nicki Minaj in the film. The jokes to look out for is the one about the current president and the first lady. Hilarious! Also, I know they should have put Derrick Rose in the movie instead of Anthony Davis. They tried to provide a solution to Chicago’s gang violence which consisted of hope, it fell on my deaf ears. I came to see a comedy, not the news. If I wanted more truth in a comedy, I would watch a stand-up.

I’m getting ready to go to a Gala event tomorrow. First ever Black tie event too. Getting ready to expect the unexpected. Sounds weird coming from a male but I had to get my hair in order. My dreads were getting unruly so I got retwisted yesterday and will get a shape up tomorrow. The way I recharge is by staying inside believe it or not. After six days going to all these different events, this is well needed.


What constitutes as a women’s beauty? Is it on the Outside? Inside? The way she expresses herself? Her intelligence? Humor? Skin Color<<<<<hmmm. The reason I say this last one is that this was a recurring theme for me yesterday. As I was picking up my tuxedo for tomorrow's event, I decided to go with a couple of guys from the same program that I was in. Telling from the way they carry themselves in the world, they were all teens. One of them got to talking about how he liked a woman. 👌. The first characteristic trait that he tries to describe her with: She Lightskin….of course she is. But can you blame a teenager's mind? Can you really? In a previous post, I talked about the effects of colorism on a young mind. It doesn’t just affect black men either. But that wasn’t the best way to describe a woman you like buy any means. This is something I can’t really explain to anyone. You either learn or you don’t. I have a sister that is a shade lighter than me, my mother and father. A sister that I have known and loved for the past 11 years. I would hate it if someone looked at her like that. There’s always more to a person that meets the eye but here I am being somewhat prejudice when I complained about it in my last post. Perfect.


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