Week 14/ 2016

What a way to end the week! Friday, I had to go for fittings for a tuxedo @ Men’s Warehouse. I felt there was a sense of tension in the air. Like you didn’t belong here. Was it racist?  Not by any means. Was it prejudice?  Since I wasn’t dressed to the 9’s, of course. However, they should have provided me with better customer service than they had. Even worse, the women of my descent that worked in the store treated me with even more disdain. Let us not forget, we came off the same ships you know! 22 years of being a black man in society, I am not immune to these things, just numb. Later on in the evening, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse had a meeting which I attended for the upcoming season. Kayaking will be more special this year than the last with experience under my belt now.

Queens Archery (at an angle!)

Saturday, I set up about activity w/ my mentor (Hi Margy!) for Archery.  I had to be there for 5:30. On time for me always consists of 15-30 minutes early. One thing you must know about NYC is to never, eeeevvvveerr (best Jericho voice) trust the MTA subway system agaaaiinnn! It is only when I plan to go somewhere ahead of time, I’m either ahead of time or on time exactly. Can you believe I have lived in NYC most of my life and never, eeweevvvveeerrr taken the LIRR? Yea, I know! I reached at my location at 4:30 but couldn’t find the exact location until about 5. The name of certain Queens streets…one false turn and you are in another universe. The neighborhood reminded me of Florida due to the houses and Trinidad due to the landscape. Knowing there were side walks available, I caught myself walking in the street multiple times! The main photo is a picture of the Sagittarius sign. I am a Sagittarius. We went to Archery. If you can’t see a correlation there, why are you still reading? Some pics:

Mentor getting help from the teacher!



More difficult than it seems 😂

We were able to take home our targets also! Everyone should check out Queens Archery when they have a chance. Not sure if I will because it is a stretch coming from BK, but it is a great deal for your 💰. To top it all off, a subway performance when I was heading home from Penn Station:

Playing the Saxophone! 😃
What song was he playing?

It was one of those songs that you’re pretty sure you have heard before but the name isn’t popping up in your head. It was a song from my parents time – and it sounded better accompanied with his saxophone. Only his Saxophone.

Heading to sleep, it triggered a reaction in my sleep. Michael Jackson appeared in my dreams…performed at my old high school auditorium…singing You are not along…and even though the tears wouldn’t stop falling, I couldn’t have asked for more happiness.


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