Week 13/ 2016

Took a break from my scheduled postings. Wrestlemania weekend for me is officially over with. The only tickets available for Summerslam @ Barclays Center are now at least $800. 😂 Yeah right. If I’m spending that much on a seat , it better be first row + I should get to meet and greet one WWE Superstar. I put my subscription on hold until Summerslam rolls around. The fact that Roman Reigns is champion is something I’m not happy about. Since this is his third title reign, I expect him to hold on to it until August.

My name is Enzo Amore and I am a certified G and a bonified stud and you can’t teach that! Enzo and Big Cass made their debuts this past Raw and I am happy for them. Sucks that Carmella was left in NXT. Everyone that comes from New York can relate to someone like Enzo. He may be the smallest, but he makes up for it with extraordinary charisma. On top of that, he’s loud and a trash talker! 😆 😆

I just had a dream about someone that reminded me about something that happened in the past. Well, something similar. Just a reminder to myself that I am nobody’s back up plan. Because when you put yourself in that situation, there’s only one word to describe you and I’m gonna….SPELL.IT.OUT.FOR.YOU…S..A..W…F…T… SAAAAAWWWWFFTT! How you doin!😎😊


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