Week 12/ 2016

This coming week is a busy one. Monday Night Raw is at the Barclays Center (Wish I had tickets…not really), Tuesday, we have 2 Midterms in a row. Wednesday is a storytelling class at Central Library, Thursday – Study day, Friday is a job performance review (no April Foolin), Saturday is a talent show and Sunday involves volunteering and Wrestlemania 32. No Humblebragging by any means – this is my schedule.

I wanted to wait until tomorrow to wash my hair but my roots were dying for moisture. The picture for this post explains how my hair has been feeling since Wednesday. I realized that I was overtwisting my roots so instead of retwisting every two weeks, I am going to try to make it to every 30 to 60 days. Today is a different method for my hair. First, I did a hot oil treatment. Next, instead of washing out the oil, I applied a leave in conditioner (60 minute timeframe). Finally, washing out the leave in + oil with cold water, then shampoo. Let’s see how long this helps relieve the itchy and scratchy.

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