Week 11/ 2016

Midterms am I right? Life isn’t planning out like I wanted to when I was younger but I’m pretty sure everyone says that. There’s nothing original about giving out cliche advice, advice that you can get out of any fortune cookie. This is my 21st year of celebrating spring, and I’m inside. Studying. Not really studying. More like playing Wii Sports/ Mario Kart with my sister and getting ready for the week ahead.

As I transition awkwardly from adolescent to young adult, I realized that it seems like with each passing year, I shed a former identity and embrace a new one. I realized being nice to people all the time, whether family, friend or stranger, was exhausting and inauthentic. I had issues with setting my personal boundaries and it was doing more harm than good. You don’t get brownie points in the real world for following everything by the book. I learned this the hard way. I became Kevin Owens.

If you have been reading/following this blog, you can tell by now I’m a WWE fan. Every Sunday, or any other Sunday for that matter, I relate who I am to the wrestler of my choosing. The first time I saw Owens was on NXT. Remember how he attacked Sami Zayn? Remember how he won the NXT title after 2, yes 2, months of being on NXT? Remember how he beat John Cena in his first match on the main roster? He relates to my generation more than any other wrestler for me. The fact that he was able to accomplish many things within a short amount of time. If you’re apart of D-Generation Y, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, and I know he spent a decade and a half in the indies honing his craft. That’s not the point. The point is like Punk, like Rollins, like Austin: He can talk with the best and back it up. There’s little humility for his actions and I like that. If I was a comedian, I would be Martin Lawrence. If I was an NBA player, I would be half Rondo, half Westbrook. If I was a wrestler, I would be Owens. Doesn’t that say everything?

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