Week 10/ 2016

I know I’m late on this….last wednesday marked 19 years since we lost Biggie due to violence. My prediction: if he was alive, he would be considered good. Not great as Jay or Eminem. Meaning this….The Notorious B.I.G. had all the lyrical creativity that all rappers dreamed to have, but not the crossover appeal that was needed to be Artist of the Year. Then again, I can’t place judgment on an artist that didn’t even reach his prime before being taken down. I didn’t start listening to hip hop until 06 however hip hop creativity was at its peak in the 90’s. There was something for everyone. East Coast, West Coast, Uptown, Downtown, Conscious, Party and every thing in between, they had something for you. Within the turn of the new millennium, hip hop went under a change where the level of lyrical talent of a rapper was no longer relevant. The business injected hip hop with dose after dose of stereotypes to the point where even people of different races can see the pus oozing out witbeen h disgust. We are in a new generation of rappers where Drake is leading the way with Jermaine and Kendrick right on his heels. Jay and Em might as well be Undertaker and Kane at this point. If it wasn’t for the lyrical biting displayed by the new crop of artists, I would give a try at rapping once again! 

This Tuesday marks 7 months into my loc journey. They look the best to me when they puff out after a week. However, they feel the best when I get them washed. I try to get them washed and retwisted  once every 10 to 15 days. Especially if I have an interview, date, outing or presentation to do. This coming week is a meeting with my mentor, volunteer coordinator and a date. If you think having locs are low-maintainace, you are in for a rude awakening, 👌! My love are no longer in the baby stage but toddler stage. Just stubborn overall. I might have to change the products that I’m using  because it either making my hair too dry or too flaky. Suggestions?

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