Week 8/ 2016

Week 8 marks procrastination week! Why do it today when you can put it off for the next day…week..year! I have been in a slump of sorts for the past two weeks. I know I should have studied but I chose not to l. I know the exact reason too. The fact I had various things in my household to keep me preoccupied doesn’t help at all. This weather outside  has been getting to me quite a bit; I’m pretty sure I don’t have Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are three quizzes lined up for me starting tomorrow with my sister’s 11th Birthday 🎂 smack
dab in the middle. She is a Nintendo/Sonic fanatic like I was at her age. Her taste in cartoons are very iffy; we can’t agree on everything!

My body durability over the past couple of years have been very concerning. I woke up yesterday with a sharp pain under my left knee. The area is still tender today but yesterday I could of swore I tore something in that area. There was no strenuous exercise the whole week..I take a week off from exercising and I get hurt? I walk to and from school 4 days a week (about 20 miles a week), did I hurt it that way. Doubt it. Have to be my shoes. Have to be.

This special post is for procrastination and in spite of procrastination. For procrastination: I’m actually doing something with my time, Spite: this is the latest I have ever wrote a post and I should be getting ready for school tomorrow. Urgh!!😁😖


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