Week 6/ 2016


My personal 24 day streak was snapped on Thursday. I have been on a relapse for the past 3 days. No, it is not anything that is detrimental to my health and well being. However, for the past decade it has been an habit to get rid off. It has always been around Valentine’s Day I have felt the most lovesick. The balloons, the candy, the cards, the weather…blah 😝. I’m glad this, Quora and LinkedIn are the only forms of social media I have. My relapse will lead to a road of recovery. The internet has been a trigger for me.


The NBA allstar weekend is almost over unfortunately. Kevin Hart acting a fool, Drake taking subliminal shots at Meek Mill, Charles Barkley singing 😂😥 the best he could in these March Madness commercials!


Yesterday, can someone tell me how Karl Anthony Towns beat Isaiah Thomas at the skill challenge? The 3pt shootout relevance is at its peak right now with the Splash Brothers, Klay this time taking home the title. The dunk contest? 😲😲😲😲😮😶😰😰😰😰😥😥😥😥 I’ve probably done one of those faces at some point. Laaaawwwwddd. I don’t care what anyone says – this was the best dunk contest in NBA History. Forgot about Jordan Vs. Wilkins. Or Carter Vs. McGrady. Every other dunk competition fails in comparison to what I saw on Saturday.


24. The same amount of days I made it to is the number of one of my favorite NBA players of all time, Kobe Bryant. Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech made me sad, Kobe Bryant’s speech will make me cry. It will be very difficult to watch the NBA without him. 20 years, man, 20 years. Thank you for the memories. 😢😢😣😣😭😭😭

24. A number now synonymous with Kobe Bryant. This is his last seas

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