Person Of the Month – Charly “Max B” Wingate

My person for February is Charly “Max B” Wingate. He’s not a role model by any means. However, my respect for him has grown over the years. You know Kanye’s latest album: Waves? Where do you think he got the term? From watching the Discovery Channel? No. From chilling on the beach one day? No. The artist also known as Biggaveli (Biggie, Jay-Z & Makaveli <2pac> combined) coined the term “wave” within his music. Kanye has now changed to something Pablo something. 😌 The elements of Max B’s music isn’t judged by lyrical prowess, street credibility nor any rapper consignment. No. It’s that braggadocio-swagger that made him untouchable.

Ever heard something so bad, it was good? The more you listened to it, the easier it was to digest? To get? To Understand? The first time I listened to Max B was through a diss song. JR Writer, his former label-mate (Diplomats) made “Charlie Brown,” verbally berating Max with his wordplay. I wanted to find out who was Max B and what was he all about.I listened to one of his mixtapes through – what was this? He was so bad, I vowed never to listen any of his material ever again…

2008, Max B/French Montana – C*ke Wave released…..Mind Blown

It was like Southern Rap, only for New Yorkers. In ’08, living in Central Florida, Southern Hip-Hop was at its peak. T.I., Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Young Needy and T-Pain ruled the scene. Then I heard Charly’s mixtapes: Public Domain Series, Wavie Crockett, Million Dollar Baby Series…enough material for me for a lifetime.

Max probably fit every negative stereotype there is for a black man in America. However, only his music has a calming effect on me. Here’s this post as a proper salute. 🎤


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