Week 5/ 2016

Difficulty concentrating today. It sucks for one being the dumper than the dumped, but someone had to pull the plug. I’m still affected by this 6 weeks later. Am I supposed to be? Superbowl 50 is getting ready to start. If Peyton wins, he retires. If he loses, he goes to the Jets. You heard it here first! Knowing how college books have price tag suitable for an NFL players salary nowadays, I took the initiative to scan all my books for the semester in the library for free. Took me about 9-10 hours so was it really?

As I get older, I find more joy in volunteering and reading and less joy in the internet and video games. Even in my early twenties, I feel like time is running out. Yesterday was a volunteer orientation I put on my schedule literally at the last minute. Have to wait until April to do anything but I can always enjoy views like this:


And thi



This relates to the main pic for this post: J Cole. He’s my pick for best rap album of the year. It’s not a knock on Kendrick, but 2014 forest hills drive was something spectacular. One of the videos released this year, Love Yourz, reminded me about a trait I tend to lose and find time and time again. Humility. It is very easy for me to forget where I come from, who I am and what I represent when I am tested. I see all around people who have more money, better personality, looks…doesn’t matter when it all said and done. An easy life is a wasted one.

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