Week 2/ 2016

Yesterday marked a 5 month journey with my dreads. Previously,  I had crewcuts, flattops, mini-afros & twists. On August 15, 2015, I decided to start my love for the third time. The first time, they were more twists than anything (Yes, there’s a difference! 😉). The second time, I cut them after 6 months. For future reference – If you plan to have strong locks, do not use NuDred!

They are coming along quite nicely I must say. It seems like every single week, I have my most favorite. However, every retwist (10-15 days) there’s one I never noticed before that sticks out for the good and bad. There is a natural hair movement I’ve noticed in the black community that I’m proudly apart of. Whether if it’s afros, twists, dyed frohawks or locs like mine, it’s about time we embrace our nappiness! Happy MLK Weekend!

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