Operation Cops & Kids – Apollo theater

The time is 6:16pm. I’m here at the Apollo theater for Operation: Cops and Kids. This is an event that helps improve relationships between the police 🚓 (rookie class) and their respective communities. Most importantly, improve tension between inner city youth. Suggested by the Allstars Project, which I have been a part of close to 2 years now, let’s see how this event plays out.

Update 8:33pm. This event was better than I expected. The conversation revolved around improvisation, for the participants and the audience. As an audience, we were asked only to hold our applause until the end of the show. The participants, which included cops and youth alike, were asked statements. Give me two sentences describing police. Give me two sentences decribing youth.

Writing this post, it’s reasonable for me to be bias. I represent the inner city youth that have been stopped by police for no wrong doing. For the first time in my 22 years, I was able to see interaction from a cop’s point of view. We discrimate against police as much as we do inner city youth. My relationship with police growing up is similar to Jordans. Don’t hate them, Don’t love them but there everywhere I look. With Black lives matter, tension is once again at a high. How many more lives do we have to lose before enough is enough?

I’m glad I showed up to this event. For both sides, the violence will never cease to exist. You will have a better chance with a powerball payout two times over. However, Operation Cops and Kids is a small step in the right direction.


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